How to Align Yourself to Your Own Human Design - with Yerasimos Stilianessis

force for good Sep 08, 2021


Yerasimos Stilianessis is a trauma-informed bodyworker, holistic health practitioner, and “Human Design” guide.

He works with motivated individuals around the world to help them understand and connect to their true nature more deeply, overcome disempowering behaviors, and release excess stress, toxicity, and trauma from their bodies and lives so that they can experience health and vitality on all levels.

He is the co-host of the recently launched “Here For The Truth” podcast that celebrates modern-day truth seekers and freedom fighters, exploring what it took for them to forge their paths in life and overcome obstacles on the Siddhartha road of authenticity.

He is also the creator of “Somatic Freedom: A Pathway to True Health,” which is a transformational full-day retreat that he leads monthly in Topanga, CA.

Important Topics 

  • How the “Here For The Truth” podcast came about
  • What he finds in terms of people not trusting themselves
  • How spending time in nature connects him to a deeper part of himself
  • What are the things in healing aspects that people can start realigning
  • On the people not having the fortitude to move through hard things
  • The habits and mindset that he focuses on
  • The disempowering experience that brought him to empowering position
  • What Human Design System is
  • What is the question he asks himself to know if he is in alignment
  • What his favorite room is and why -On his transformational retreats
  • How is he a “Force For Good” in the world 


"Seeking truths ultimately starts within."

“God has given us the seed of consciousness.”

“It’s really important to allow yourself to feel discomfort and pain because pain and discomfort is a great motivator to change.”

“Our body is always looking to heal.”

“When you’re living more in alignment, magic happens.”

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