Giving Yourself Permission To Be Successful Again Shameca Tankerson

motivation positive disruptors Jun 10, 2020

Shameca is a shameless high-achiever with a drive to help others reach their full potential in life and business - an expert on Sales Leadership & Defeating Doubt, Award-Winning Business Coach, International Best-Selling Author, and Motivational Powerhouse who's features include Forbes, ABC, CNN and CBS.

She is The creator of the "Authority Selling Method," a powerful yet simple system for having conversations and making offers that serve & sell, and the "go to" woman when you want to learn how to sell more - PERIOD!

Known for her dynamic take-action style and no nonsense priceless straight-talk, Shameca empowers clients all over the globe to press their limits, set fire to their fears, ditch self-doubt, sell more and charge more (with zero apologies)!

important Topics:

  • Shameca's journey
  • Her permission slips
  • Courage experiences
  • How she created the "Authority Selling Method"
  • What her morning ritual looks like
  • How she showed up as a business person
  • Expediential transformation


"I believe that sales is the energy of trust and commitment. And trust and commitment can only happen through connection."

"Embodiment is an important space to get to if you want to transcend all that you are right now and become who you desire to be."

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