Embracing Vulnerability, Faith, and Asking for Help - with Maria Keckler

positive disruptors spiritual Jul 18, 2023


In this episode of the Spa Life Show, Diane's guest is Maria Keckler. Maria Keckler struggled with the belief that she had to do everything independently and not ask for help, which left her feeling disempowered. She realized the importance of vulnerability, accepting a slower pace, and seeking support from others, such as her husband. Maria emphasized the significance of connecting with a higher power, silencing the noise, and having faith to find peace and guidance in challenging times. She is the Director of International Affairs strategy and communication and a San Diego State University research faculty fellow. Her research focuses on the intersection of story neuroscience, psychology, and education to enhance empathy, leadership, human connection, and problem-solving abilities.

Important Topics 

Maria on being a writer and a leader
The power of story in building trust
How Maria deals with fear and overwhelm
Being vulnerable
Favorite room 


[03:56] "It's amazing to hear that even after almost seven years, my book still resonates with readers and connects with their hearts and minds."

"Today, more than ever, people crave empathy and kindness amidst a world filled with arguments, where differences overshadow our shared humanity."

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