Digital Families Advocate - with Elizabeth Milovidov

leadership positive disruptors Sep 30, 2020

Elizabeth is a former lawyer, law professor, author and consultant, who provides support to governments, companies, schools, and parenting associations on digital parenting and children and internet. Currently, Elizabeth is a Board Trustee for The Diana Award, an Advisor on European Cooperation and International Projects to e-Enfance, the French Child Online Protection Association, and a Digital Parenting Contributor to France 24.

She also consults for UNICEF, Child Online Protection and the Council of Europe as an independent expert on Digital Parenting and Children’s Rights and Internet. She equally provides eSafety content for The UK Safer Internet Centre, Internet Matters and the Family Online Safety Institute.

Important Topics

  • What got her into what she is right now
  • Her advice on how to act and move forward into digital world
  • How she creates her life
  • How she uses fear growing up
  • Her disempowering moments and a time she felt fully in her power The empowerment of supporting parents
  • Her favorite room
  • The one thing that she would want people to remember her by


"Stay true to who you are and keep going towards that goal."

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