Break Free from Time Constraints w/ Sam Tornatore

happiness leadership motivation Aug 01, 2023


In this episode of the Spa Life Show, Diane’s guest is Sam Tornatore. Sam Tornatore is a successful author and a top expert in the field of time management. He has helped people and businesses break free from the feeling that they never have enough time by writing books and articles about it. Sam has worked in corporate commercial management for more than 18 years at some of Australia's best companies, like Toll, Mayne Group, and Pepsi. He has a lot of experience helping teams, businesses, and individuals stop putting things off and get things done by using evidence-based methods that are backed by neuroscience. He has come up with a unique way to get rid of the hidden roadblocks, hurdles, and thresholds that hold small businesses and startups back, allowing them to make huge leaps in their performance.

Important Topics 

Challenge one’s reluctance to change
Importance of aligning our values
Layers of Procrastination
How to move past fear
The First Step in the Right Direction
Favorite room 


“There's usually an area that's a deficit somewhere, it's what you're least good at. Filling that gap would give you a more balanced view of your life.”

“The thing you procrastinate about is the thing you really don't want to do because it's not consistent with your values. What's important to you needs no motivation.”

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