Break Free From Human Trafficking - with Jes Richardson

force for good wealth Feb 24, 2021

 Jes is a firecracker! Full of life, her stories of triumph and fierce tenacity will have you on the edge of your seat. She is a business turnaround specialist, author, consultant, wife and mother of five.

Jes creates her entire life, the good, the bad, the lessons, and victories.

She does the things "they" say can't be done and created systems that organize the heart, mind, family, business, and leadership.

 She has an incredible story that we're going to dive into here today.

Important Topics 

  • Jes' background and how she got into where she is today
  • Keys to her healing journey
  • On her book "Everything I Know I Learned From My Pimp"
  • On the person who pimped her
  • Difference between a sex worker and someone who is trafficked and exploited
  • How to know if someone is being trafficked
  • On having an awareness of different people's experience
  • What she did when she public her story on 2009
  • How she learn to trust herself
  • On connecting the head and the heart
  • How she handle fear and crisis in general
  • Her favorite room and why -How is she a force for good in the world


"You really don't know what you don't know."
"We all live different life and we don't understand why people do things but everyone does things for a reasons."
"We have to listen and treat people differently."

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