Be Your Own Celebrity - with Ingrid Elfver

happiness positive disruptors Oct 07, 2020

Ingrid Elfver is the founder of Born Celebrity, a consulting company in Beverly Hills, CA that provides brand strategy for conscious celebrities, companies, and high-profile individuals who want to grow, protect, and love their brands.

Ingrid has been interviewed by major media outlets such as Entertainment Tonight and In Touch Weekly. She’s been recognized by the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce and the Major of Los Angeles for her leadership and accomplishments.

She was honored with a “Phenomenal Woman Award” at an event co-hosted by Kathy Ireland as an example of what it means to be “powerful, inspired, brilliant, visionary and bold.” put Ingrid on their list of “Top 10 Twitter Feeds for Inspiration” alongside Tony Robbins, Russell Simmons, and Paulo Coelho.

Prior to founding Born Celebrity, Ingrid was a model who appeared in print, in commercials, in music videos, on runways, and on billboards on Sunset Blvd.

She also traveled Sweden to promote Miss Europe and started several businesses.

Ingrid is a serial entrepreneur and a lifelong student of success, psychology, and spirituality with degrees in economics and art.

A line of leather products (purses, healing pouches, etc.) she designed was sold internationally and at retail outlets such as Fred Segal.

She’s exhibited her original paintings and sculptures in the United States and abroad. Ingrid was only 18 when she moved from Stockholm to Beverly Hills (her first neighbors were Burt Reynolds and Rod Stewart).

As a consultant, speaker, and social media influencer, Ingrid has now helped hundreds of thousands of people be more inspired, impactful, and profitable.

Important Topics

  • How to be your own celebrity
  • Allowing yourself to be more known
  • What inspires her Knowledge versus knowing
  • Being conscious on energy that she's either put out and put in
  • Talking about her love of art
  • Her experience moving into Beverly Hills
  • What is branding and why is it important to build a successful business


"If you don't stay genuine and authentic within yourself, it is easy to get lost."

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