An MMA Fighter Shows You How to WIN - with Carl Gebhardt

freedom fighter Mar 23, 2022


Carl Gebhardt is a lifetime martial artist and the owner and head coach of Steel MMA & Fitness in San Diego.

He has worked with champions in the UFC, Kickboxing and Muay Thai while continuing to train martial artists in all ages and walks of life.

Tools Carl uses to move past fear and into being more fierce and on path:

  • Focus on what you can control
  • Actions not emotions
  • Assess on what will have the greatest impact with your time
  • Strategize a plan of attack
  • Have conviction in your plan while being able to pivot
  • Stop talking about it and just do it

Important Topics 


  • When you're out of your wheelhouse but you still need to be able to perform (the first time I cornered in the UFC or opened a business)
  • When people you look up to don't believe in you (Athletes you previously looked up to but think you aren't deserving to be a coach)
  • When you're leveling up and around people who you're trying to keep up with (Opening a business taught me a lot about what I don't know about, Finance, Accounting, etc..) Also basically at any point in the last two years of the pandemic In Power:
  • When you've put in the work and you're fully ready for the situation (last UFC event, acting as a head coach, performing seminars in Saudi Arabia for women coaches)
  • When you have the logistics to handle a complex situation you're in (expanding our competition team, multiple fight camps back to back)
  • Coaching coaches, because I've made every mistake they can possibly make and I've put in the hours  


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