Achieving Financial Sobriety - with Matthew Grishman

positive disruptors wealth May 21, 2020

Matthew is obsessed with challenging conventional beliefs.

He is on a 20-year mission to be the most disruptive money influencer of our time.

After a hard fall from grace in 2005, Matthew developed a new vision for life, leadership, relationships, and money that ran counter to his Wall Street upbringing.

Now his work is about helping people become more intentional with their money.

Matthew is the author of Financial Sobriety, Rebuilding Your Relationship With Money One Step at a Time - available now on

Matthew and his partner Jim Gebhardt host a biweekly podcast, called Financial Sobriety, which is available on all major podcast platforms.

Visit to learn more about the book, the podcast, hiring Matthew to speak at your event, and the upcoming Financial Sobriety live events Matthew and his team will be hosting in Sacramento, CA

Important Topics:

  • Matthew's background story
  • How he came up with his book
  • The three most significant relationships in his life
  • His beliefs on relationships and money
  • What happened in 2005
  • Four step process on getting through fears
  • Talking about journaling

Quote: "Fear is an emotion."

Book: Financial Sobriety by Matthew Grishman

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