How to Shift Your Career and be a Successful Entrepreneur - with Michele Ruiz

leadership positive disruptors Oct 14, 2020

Michele is a serial entrepreneur, a Best Selling Author, a social media influencer, and a keynote speaker.

She is CEO of several companies, including BiasSync and Ruiz Strategies.

She is an advisor to senior executives at Fortune 20 multinational corporations as well as to some of the highest-profile thought leaders and elected officials.

She is a subject matter expert and a sought-after professional speaker.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Michele Ruiz enjoyed a long career as an award-winning broadcast journalist receiving 16 Emmy nominations during her news broadcasting career, 5 Emmy's, 4 Golden Mikes as well as LA Press Club Awards.

Important Topics

  • How her journalism career prepared her to be an entrepreneur
  • What her Sacred Hour looks like
  • Making time to be healthy
  • On being mindful of work and life balance
  • The importance of listening to your gut
  • Shifting her focus to positive emotions and how to go into finding solutions
  • Talking about the downtime of her first business How to deal during the times of uncertainty
  • New opportunities for entrepreneurs


"Time can cost you money and resources."
"It is not important for me to know how to do everything, it is just important for me to line up the right people around me and in my companies."

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