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Spa Life Facebook Show

Co-hosted by Diane and  eWomen Network on her Facebook page, get tips, resources, and inspiration on a variety of topics all designed to help YOU live the life you were meant to live, and create a business you love.  Click here to connect with Diane on Facebook and watch the show.

Below are some of Diane’s popular videos.

Wow! Does your To Do List keep getting longer and longer?

If your To Do List seems to grow like a weed, then Diane Halfman has some great ideas on how to handle that Monster!

Are you ready to reduce your overwhelm?

Sometimes it feels like life hands you Overwhelm on a platter… a Heaping platter! Diane Halfman, SpaLife Curator and Organizational Expert can get you OUT of Overwhelm!

Do you feel like you are stuck and not getting ahead?

Feeling like a Hamster on a Wheel, going nowhere?! Feel like you’re mired in mud and can’t move ahead? Feel like every day is Groundhog Day? Well, you’re not Bill Murray or Andie MacDowell or anyone else on the Groundhog Day cast! Let Diane Halfman show you the way to getting unstuck, get moving forward and how to be highly productive!