Life Reset Experience

Join Speaker, Life RESET Strategist and Philanthropist, Diane Halfman to... 

RESET Your Life!

  • Clear self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that block you 
  • Transform your ideal space to up-level how it makes you feel 
  • Experience more ease by clearing your mind and surroundings 
  • Learn a creative way to design your ideal day in minutes 
  • Create greater peace through daily rituals of self-care  
  • Become aware of how you’re being to get more of what you want

The “Life RESET Experience” Course

Journey to Consciously Redefine Your Life

On this journey you will clear the space to see what could be, then craft that to bring it into your reality so that you can live an intentional experience every day.

I am on this path with you as we are always evolving and need support, guidance and community as we continue to explore the best version of ourselves. 

The Life RESET Experience Course 

This “Inner Circle” is a safe and sacred experience in a small group setting. All calls are recording in case you can’t make in live and materials and sharing is available 24/7 in the closed Facebook group.

Here is the overview of each week:

  • Pre-Course: Q & A Jumpstart Call 
  • Week 1: Awareness – Time to Clear 
  • Week 2: Possibility – Time to Create 
  • Week 3: Design – Time to Craft 
  • Week 4: Commit – Time to Commit 
  • Week 5: Culmination, Celebration & Continuation 

Pre-Course: Jumpstart Call

In this pre-course call, we will cover the realms of transformation, including mindset, physical space and self-care.

Week 1: Awareness (Consciousness)

Time to clear all those things that get in the way of you manifesting the life you desire. 

  • Clearing self-defeating thoughts - tools to support more positive thoughts
  • Clearing the stuff in your physical space that isn’t serving you - tools to remove what doesn’t support you
  • Deepen your awareness of those things that are depleting your life energy so you can step into a new habit of self-care that embraces your inner knowing. Acceptance of the evolving essence of you to include feeling good about your body on every level.

Week 2: Possibility

Time to create in your mind’s eye, to open your heart and mind to the next level of what’s waiting for you at the other end of this journey. 

  • Train your mind to become your inner Champion – Tapping into and trusting “what’s possible” with a sense of hope, belief and anticipation
  • Visualize your inspiring environment - see your ideal room, know what to evaluate, what to keep/not keep
  • See and nurture your beautiful body - Breathe into your best self - daily movement, sleep, food choices and hydration – creating a sacred ritual for how you honor yourself 

Week 3: Design

Time To Craft The Life You Want To Live. Craft with intention, design and desire vs default. 

  • Design your day and life with flow - Diane’s Daily Design - night before tool to ease your mind
  • Experience the ease and grace of your space - Track and Maintain tools
  • • Get outside your daily routines to reset and have perspective - calendar time away

Week 4: Commit (Being/Doing)

Time To Commit: Harmony, New way of being, Practices and Rituals

  • Be mindful - create replacement words, have object to anchor
  • Systemize your home for who you are being - work in the most inspiring places
  • Lead with self-care - daily habits with personal rhythm 

Week 5: Culmination, Celebration & Continuation 

  • Tying up any open loops
  • Celebrating your wins
  • Where to focus, how to be going forward and utilizing the Clutter To Calm Course

Private Facebook Group 

For all course audios, visuals, next steps, community support and connection.

Private Call with Diane Halfman

Identify your goals and your next best steps to achieve the life that you desire.

Bonus: 6 Week Access Pass to the Paper Clutter Solution Program 

(Value: $797)

  • How to color code things so you can get your hands on the important stuff quickly  
  • Diane’s highly acclaimed Action Box System 

About Diane Halfman

Diane Halfman is a celebrity Speaker, Philanthropist and the international Premier Expert in the science and psychology of SpaLife. SpaLife is a lifestyle that accepts the notion that accomplishment and harmony can co-exist. She believes everyone deserves to experience surroundings that feel like a sanctuary of beauty. As the SpaLife Curator, she shows high-achieving women entrepreneurs how to create a life where ambition, accomplishment and harmony coexist. 

Her process shows you how to bring balance into the Nine Elements of your life. This helps you eliminate clutter and consciously create a life that allows for more peace, joy, and satisfaction. While designing your SpaLife, Diane helps you create the ideal environment that inspires your goals and stimulates your optimal excellence, productivity and profitability. 

Her credentials are diverse and include a career as a Police Officer, an Ultimate Game of Life Certified coach, and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management; all of which enable her to see beyond the facades that keep many people in overwhelm.  

Diane shows you how to set up your environments to automatically fast forward you to reaching your goals, instead of using “just willpower” to try to achieve them. Your life will easily exceed your expectations while clutter, confusion and frustration simply disappear!  

Giving back has always been at the core of Diane's work. 10% of her sales go to charities, with a focus on women and children's health. Just think what she can do for you!  

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