Fears, doubts and insecurities … Shana Ekedal shows you how to overcome!

Shana Ekedal is a Frequency Alchemist… Say What?! I know, right?! So listen in and hear about the amazing ways Shana can help YOU! She is such a fun Lady!

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THE OFFICIAL BIO: Frequency alchemist, speaker, and author, Shana Ekedal is a trailblazer in the area of mind, body, and spirit wellness. She has transformed the lives of women around the world including public figures by helping them to heal their bodies, effect positive change in their businesses and to have great impact and influence in the world. Shana is the host of The Soul Frequency Show podcast, a show dedicated to empowering people to raise their frequency and live authentically. Her guests include NYT bestselling authors, celebrities, and holistically minded visionaries.

Shana holds a Bachelor of Science in Interpersonal Communication and after building successful businesses in both the residential and commercial sectors of the real estate industry, she found a deeper calling to live a more authentic and holistically healthy life. She became deeply passionate about helping women to discover their deepest truths and to create a life that is in alignment with their purpose. Through her formal training in nutritional science, psychology, and energetic healing she blends holistic health practices with actionable steps to help her clients create a life that lights them up inside. She has been published in the Journal of Nonverbal Communication and has been featured in Awareness Magazine. She was awarded the James I. Brown Award from the Institute for Study of Intrapersonal Processes. Her first book is already receiving rave reviews and will be released to the public in 2018.

Diane Halfman is a celebrity Speaker, Philanthropist and the international Premier Expert in the science and psychology of SpaLife. SpaLife is a lifestyle that accepts the notion that accomplishment and harmony can co-exist. She believes everyone deserves to experience surroundings that feel like a sanctuary of beauty. As the SpaLife Curator, she shows high-achieving women entrepreneurs how to create a life where ambition, accomplishment and harmony coexist.

Her process shows you how to bring balance into the Nine Elements of your life. This helps you eliminate clutter and consciously create a life that allows for more peace, joy, and satisfaction. While designing your SpaLife, Diane helps you create the ideal environment that inspires your goals and stimulates your optimal excellence, productivity and profitability.

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