Eiji Morishita, a special guest, is on the Live Your SpaLife Show!

You will totally enjoy hearing from Eiji Morishita, the Founder of the Movement Makers Community, which has been featured on Oprah, the NY Times Best Seller List, Today Show, Good Morning America, and TED!

He shares lots of wisdom including one of the toughest lessons he learned: allowing the natural timing instead of forcing. Listen as he describes how he manages to empower people while still living the SpaLife!

From his greatest challenge came his greatest gift, Eiji battled depression and suicide believing he had no value to offer and was being a burden to his friends, family, and to the world. Thru divine intervention a message was sent down that there’s something great in store for him. His greatest challenge gave him compassion, life lessons, and credentials to teach others so others will not suffer the level of pain he endured. Eiji enjoyed the privilege of paying it forward by creating Teen Success Network’s online training for Teen Depression and Suicide.