Clearing the Way for the New Year (radio interview)


I was blessed to have the opportunity to be interviewed recently by Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, founder of the Diamond Healing Method.

Dr. Chopelas is an expert when it comes to energy flow, and healing energy in particular. Since a large part of my work is teaching clients about having a clutter free, Spa Like environment, this interview created some wonderful synergy,

Dr. Chopelas said this about our interview:

“If there is anything I know about energy, it’s that it must flow.  The biggest block to flow is clutter and disorganization.  It can suck up your time, energy and will power faster than anything.  This is a perfect topic for the beginning of the year.  I know that the beginning of the year is common for making resolutions.  Instead, why not put new systems in place?”
Diane has solutions and systems for you.  Let’s focus on the energetic aspects of organization in many aspects of your life and how a little time spent every day can make a huge difference in your life, success and well being.”

Listen to our complete interview at

Hope you enjoy!