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Speaker, Author, Organizational Expert, and Founder of SpaLife, Diane Halfman is on an international mission to help passionate, high achieving women entrepreneurs learn to live a life by design and not default. As the SpaLife Curator, she shows successful women how to infuse more harmony into the 9 key elements of their lives to consciously create more peace, beauty, freedom, and joy; all of which has a positive influence on the lasting impact and contribution that women–who are inspired, supported, and loved–make to the world.

Diane’s gift is her ability to determine what’s holding you back and keeping you in a cycle of  chaos just by spending a few minutes in your space. This innate skill was honed during her years working as an undercover police officer where she witnessed firsthand, the devastating affects a disorderly home has on the amount of drama that one attracts into her life. She saw this so much that she coined the term Clutter to Drama Ratio–the more clutter you have, the more drama and mental confusion you experience.The reverse is also true: the clearer the space, the more clarity of mind.

SpaLife is a lifestyle that accepts the notion that accomplishment and harmony can coexist. By working with Diane, you’ll learn how to let go of the emotional and physical clutter that has caused overwhelm, frustration and guilt. As you move through her process, you will gain more clarity which will become evident as your projects, relationships, and decisions begin to flow with more ease and your productivity optimizes. Soon, you will only allow into your space and life the things that bring you love and support the vision you have for your best and highest self.

Giving back has always been at the core of Diane’s work.10% of her sales go to charities with a focus on women and children’s health. Her vision is to help as many people as she can to embrace extreme self-care and incorporate her teachings of the 9 key elements of a well-rounded life so they can embody the deepest expression of their best selves to serve others from an abundance of happiness, health and wealth that will create a legacy to be replicated through generations.